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110 Advertising Slogans From The 90s That Will Make You Miss Commercials

Explore the full glory of the decade that gave us pop-culture icons like Howard Stern and Michael Jordan, unique lingo from “hella” to “as if!” to “talk to the hand”, and great fads such as Beanie Babies and the ever-so-fashionable turtleneck/overall combination. The nostalgia is hitting hard… Booyah!

Let's reminisce.


Most Popular 1990s Advertisements

1. Budweiser


Budweiser Commercial

The King of Beers has always been at the forefront of advertising strategy. And this ad from the 90s, that coined the slurred phrase, “Wazzzzaaaaaaaaaa”, and remained in our hearts for ever. It was even spoofed in the 90s comedy, Scary Movie.

2. Taco Bell

“¡Yo Quiero Taco Bell!” (1997)

Taco Bell Commercial

Dogs are always a relatable mascot for the masses. And Taco Bell put the idea in full action with their “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” campaign. The little Chihuahua, which has been shown to have its origins in Mexico, is the ideal mascot for the southwestern-themed fast food chain.

3. America Online

“You’ve Got Mail” (1995)

AOL Commercial

We all remember the days of dial-up internet – and AOL was at the forefront of the email delivery on the World Wide Web. This time-capsule of an advertisement is sure to take you back to simpler technological times. Let’s just hope Meg Ryan doesn’t make a cameo.

4. National Milk Processor Education Program

“Got Milk?”

Got Milk Slogan

Whether you were a kid or an adult, we bet that the “Got Milk?” advertisement from the National Milk Processors got you to, well, drink milk.

5. Wendy’s

“Where’s the Beef?”

Wendy’s Slogan

These three young ladies carved out their spot in the cultural zeitgeist of the 1990s, thanks to Wendy’s clever advertising campaign, “Where’s the Beef?” We just hope that they finally ended up finding a bigger hamburger patty.

6. LifeCall

“I’ve Fallen and I’ve Can’t Get Up!”

LifeCall Commercial

Although LifeCall actually served a noble purpose, especially before fancy doodads like smartphones and smartwatches could do this for you, we can’t help but giggle at this infamous commercial from the 90s. If you ever watched late night television through the last half of the decade, the slogan, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” is probably etched in your mind.

7. Pringles

“Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop”

Pringles Commercial

This extremely 90s advertisement offers all the things needed to soothe your nostalgia: cheesy song, neon colors, rollerbladers, a group of kids breakdancing and drumming on… Pringles cans in a park? Whatever – it’s a funny look back in time.

8. Doublemint Gum

“Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun”

Doublemint Gum Song

God forbid you were a twin in the 1990s, because you undoubtedly know this jingle by heart. You probably never want to look at a stick of Wrigley Gum ever again. We completely understand. Bonus trivia: Tia and Tamera Mowry from that one Disney show make an appearance at about 18 seconds.

9. Chili’s & N’SYNC

“I Want My Baby Back Ribs”

N’SYNC Commercial

While the Nsync may not have advanced the art form of music in any meaningful way (subjective thinking, of course), they were extremely good at one thing – making money. And, obviously they (or their manager) knew that this was a good idea to pad their bank accounts. Oh well, at least we now have this over-the-top gem to enjoy!

10. Mentos

“The Freshmaker” (1994)

Mentos Jingle

It’s Mentos: The Freshmaker! “Doo doo doo doo doo wahhh… fresh goes better, doo doo doo… Mentos fresh and full of life!” Or, however it goes… Don’t press play unless you want this 90s jingle stuck in your head for the foreseeable future.

11. Folgers

“The Best Part of Waking Up” (1996)

Folgers Jingle

Another popular jingle from the 90s comes from the “gourmet” coffee company we all know and love, Folgers. While everyone remembers the end lyrics, “The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup!” no one really remembers just how cheesy these ads were. Take a watch, you might think it’s an SNL parody, but no—this advertisement used to move cans of coffee. Ah, simpler times.

12. Jesse Ventura for Minnesota Governor

“Action Figure”

90s Minnesota Ads

Jesse "The Body" Ventura. What can you say about this modern-day renaissance man, who is a hall-of-fame wrestler, former governor of Minnesota and avid conspiracy theorist? I mean, you can Google him yourself for more details, it's a pretty complicated tapestry for this popular powerhouse. He's so popular in fact, that him and his twin brothers, Jesse and Jesse have their very own podcast, where they discuss important topics like conspiracies, government ineptness, Joe Rogan, and of course... wrestling! Give it a listen if you're a fan of The Body!

13. Nintendo 64

"The Fun Machine"

N64 Commercial

Every kid could relate to the quick verbs and nouns the narrator spouts over shots of the Star Wars' X-Wing, jumping jet-skis and fighting hockey players: "Action. Racing. Fighting. Sports." The possibilities are endless with Nintendo 64, you guys.

14. Huggies

“Mommy Wow! I’m a Big Kid Now” (1993)

Huggies Jingle

After watching some of these videos, you may need some good old-fashioned eyebleach. We give you: Huggies. This cute piece of nostalgia may hit home if you were born in the late 80s. As for some in our office, it still hits home (looking at you Diaper Dan in accounting).

15. Rice-a-Roni

“The San Francisco Treat”

Rice-a-Roni Jingle

No, that isn’t the opening to Full House (or, Fuller House… there’s a sequel now???), it’s the San Francisco Treat – Rice-a-Roni! Delicious, straight-from-the-microwave rice, with artificial flavoring. Yum! At least the jingle is catchy.

16. Lucky Charms

“They’re Magically Delicious” (1998)

Lucky Charms Mascot

Who can forget the lovable little leprechaun that graced the cereal boxes, advertising and commercials for Lucky Charms? In this ad, we see something called, “hand-drawn animation”, where the artist actually uses a pen and paper to create moving images on the screen. A 1990s specialty.

17. Moon Shoes

“More Fun”

Moon Shoes Commercial

Does anyone else remember trying these and being super disappointed that you weren’t actually able to jump to the moon? Us too. The commercials sure as hell didn’t help, either. I’m amped up right now just watching that 30-second ad, desperately searching eBay for Moon Shoes, and I’m a grown adult.

18. Pogs

“Pog is the Word”

Pog Commercial

“Bird, bird, bird. Bird is the word.” They couldn’t have possibly picked a more annoying song to parody. But, hey it got our attention. Pogs were popular toys for kids in the early to mid nineties, and no one is really sure why. Well, whatever the reason, some pogs are actually incredibly valuable to collectors these days. A Jurassic Park six-pog hologram set sold for one-million dollars on eBay. Who is spending one-million dollars on pogs?! Throw some of that over here, buddy.

19. Mountain Dew

“Do the Dew” (1994)

Mountain Dew Commercial

This extreme commercial sums the 90s up pretty well. Crazy, poorly-rendered graphics, skiers being slingshot into lakes and targets, Batman-esque “splat” graphics and a hot theme song to cap it off.

20. Cool Whip

“Whip it Good” (1992)

Cool Whip Slogan

If a soulful, jazzy, sunglasses-wearing, floating tub of cool whip can’t sell whipped cream, then I don’t know what will.

21. Bill Clinton

“Hope” (1992)

Bill Clinton Campaign Ad

‘Ol Slick Willy had our hearts in ’92. Seems like such a long time ago. Remember when the biggest scandal facing the U.S. was a… ahem… you can Google that one, as well. Check out the 90s political ad above for a tug at your patriotic heartstrings.

22. Friends

“Underwear” (1995)

Friends Shameless Plug

Hah! Edgy! But seriously, this show was more popular than Jesus for a time in the nineties. Before drug addiction, spin-offs and plastic surgery really took its toll on the cast. They seem to be doing alright now though. Just hurry up and do the reunion already. As a bonus, watch the intro without any music for an extra awkward laugh.

23. My Little Pony

“My Little Pony”

My Little Pony Jingle

If you were a girl in the 90s, this may be the most memorable toy commercial, right alongside Cabbage Patch dolls and American Girl Dolls. And boys, don't act like you weren't interested in playing with these just a little bit.

24. Gameboy

"Have You Had Your Fun Today?"

Gameboy Commercial

How many separate devices did people need back then? Wild... Anyway, this commercial will appeal to the gamer in you. The only cure for boredom? Gameboy! Adults stink!

25. Miss Cleo

"Call Miss Cleo" (1998)

Miss Cleo Commercial

And don't forget about wise-old Miss Cleo! She was the best at predicting "who the daddy is", talking to your dead grandma or telling you when you'll become a millionaire. Unfortunately Miss Cleo passed away in 2016. However, we'll always have her amazingly nostalgic commercials to remember her by.

26. Titanic Movie Trailer

Not the greatest product placement for the White Star Line, but nevertheless... The film that turned Leo into a teenage heartthrob, Titanic topped box offices and set revenue records that stood until 2009 when James Cameron's other box-office smash, Avatar, hit theaters. Hit play above to relive the majesty and misery of that fateful trip through the North Atlantic. We’ll never let go, Leo, we’ll never let go.

More 90s Food Advertising

"How much sugar can we pack into this salad?" Asked the 1990s food industry CEO... and we went ahead ate it anyway. Here's where much of America's current obesity epidemic started. Let's explore the advertising that made it possible, from the comfort of our couches!

27. McDonald's

Beanie Babies (1997)

Although our retirement plans never really panned out with these plush animals, Beanie Babies still hold a firm grasp on 90s culture. In 1997, TY teamed up with McDonald's to capitalize on the craze. And capitalize, they did. According to Wikipedia, they were so popular that "Teenie Beanies were the cause of many fights at various McDonald's locations, resulting in calls to police, criminal charges, and injuries."

28. Snickers

Hungry Why Wait? (1999)

Snickers has always been clever with their advertising. You can probably name their latest campaign off the top of your head, "You're not you when you're hungry." They do a good job of drawing the viewer into a tense situation, and resolving it by tying-in the product.

29. Pepsi

Spice Girls - Generation Next (1998)

Pepsi teamed up with British pop sensation Spice Girls to put this ad together. It does makes us thirsty.

30. KFC

I Like it Like That

This KFC commercial is finger-lickin' good!

31. Gushers

Sour Berry Blast Commercial

As far as unhealthy, sugar-bomb, gelatinous cubes go, Gushers taste all right. If you remember chowing down on these, check out the commercial above and make your mouth water.

32. Pepsi

Kramer the Mad Scientist

Before he got himself in a lot of trouble, Michael Richards, aka Kramer from Seinfeld, starred in this Pepsi commercial. In which, he essentially just plays Kramer. Check it out above.

33. Coca-Cola

Counting Crows

Coca-Cola has worked with the some of the biggest names in the music world: Brittney Spears, Taylor Swift, Common and... Counting Crows? I guess it fits the times.

34. Rice Krispies

Snap, Crackle, Pop (1994)

In terms of famous cereal mascots, Snap, Crackle and Pop might be the top trio. Rice Krispies aren't the most desired breakfast food, but these three characters certainly make us feel different.

More 90s TV Show Commercials

TV shows in the 90s were all the rage – before Netflix, Hulu and other online streaming platforms, people had to actually arrange their schedule in order to watch the show live on television. Seems weird, right?

35. Beavis and Butthead

MTV (1997)

Beavis and Butthead, with their constant chortling and sarcastic way of looking at life entertained the masses throughout the 90s. This Mike Judge show was a good escape for any type of person, young or old.

36. Full House

Even though it was cheesier than almost anything on TV at the time, Full House was a hit. Such a hit that there is now currently a spin-off, Fuller House. It's essentially the same show from the 90s, but follows the sisters that are now grown up with families of their own.

37. The Simpsons

The Simpsons created the genre of adult animated TV shows, and remains the industry standard bearer. Even if you're not a Simpsons fan, you can probably appreciate the fact that it's been running for over 30 seasons and still retains its comedic charm.

38. Family Guy (1999)

Another classic adult animated series is Family Guy. The show barely qualifies as from the nineties, but since the first season is so much different than the current show, we figure it's important to include.

39. Matlock

Beyond The Price Is Right, Matlock was often the only other thing to watch on TV during the day when you were home sick from school.

40. Pokémon Live

Another huge fad from the 90s was Pokémon. This commercial for the stage version of the card game is definitely, in no way, awkward. Take a look at the commercial above.

41. Power Rangers

Another kid-friendly TV show that made the list is Power Rangers. These five suited-up martial artist high schoolers protect the world from evildoers like Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa and Goldar.

42. Melrose Place

Daytime soaps really have not improved over the years, have they?

43. Magic School Bus (1995)

We all remember the adventures Miss Frizzle used to take us on – conjure up some nostalgic magic and hop on board the Magic School Bus!

44. Mad About You

Mad About You focused on a married couple, Paul and Jamie, living life in NYC. Apparently, it was "must-see TV."

45. Gargoyles

This show followed around a group of cathedral gargoyles, and their duties in protecting the city of New York. After they were frozen in a petrified state by an enchantment, the creatures are reawakened in modern times and assume the role of public safety.

46. Beverly Hills 90210

This sexy soap opera brought the drama of vain-living straight into the homes of millions of Americans. Plus, you probably never forget the area code of Beverly Hills!

47. Clarissa Explains It All (1993)

No matter what issue she was dealing with, whether it was an annoying male suiters, school troubles or ...worms? Whatever it was, we tuned in every week to see what Clarissa was explaining.

48. The X Files (1993)

From the spooky themes to the will-they-wont-they chemistry between Scully and Mulder to the creepy theme song, X-Files brought the paranormal to the 90s.

49. Saved By the Bell

The pinnacle of cheesiness in the 90s surely comes from Saved By the Bell. Every Saturday we'd tune in to watch Slater, Screech, Lisa, Kelly and Jesse make it out of yet another one of Zach's schemes. Bonus: if you're a Saved By the Bell fan, check out Funny or Die's Zach Morris is Trash series, which picks apart just how evil this charming teenager is.

50. Dawson's Creek (1999)

Before Katy Holmes was imprisoned by Tom Cruise and blackmailed by the Church of Scientology (speculating...), she starred on this teen romcom with one of the sappiest theme songs on network TV.

51. Family Matters (1994)

Although the actor who portrayed him was typecast and his career was ruined, the character Urkel was a small-screen powerhouse, and turned Family Matters into an instant hit with audiences throughout the U.S.

52. ER (1998)

Every white person's mom's favorite show – ER followed around a group of doctors that dealt with extremely fictional situations and circumstances. And, George Clooney was there.

More 90s Music Advertising

Bands and music artists from the 90s were something special – from flannel-clad grunge bands to soulful R&B groups to faux-country superstars and everything in between. Check out some music-centric advertising from the greatest decade below. We hope our suggestions impress you, much.

53. MTV

Pop Open an MTV

Back in the days when MTV actually showed music, rather than raucous reality shows, they were worth watching. This 90s ad shows a unique sense of humor that seems to have been lost with the television channel.

54. VH1

What is a Hit?

Sting stars in this VH1 ad, showing a compilation of some most famous artists throughout time, like Steve Winwood, the B52s and some cartoon-Paula Abdul duo. Sting promotes the channel with only one line, "If it's on VH1, it's a hit!"

55. Nirvana

In Utero Album Commercial

The biggest band in the 90s outside of the pop world was undoubtedly Nirvana. Drummer Dave Grohl, bassist Krist Novaselic and guitarist Pat Smear still play and tour together in the Foo Fighters.

56. Ford

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson, the twangy country singer, teamed up with Ford to deliver a parody of his own song, "Crazy 'Bout A Mercury". I guess they know who their target audience is...

More 90s Fashion Advertising

Bright, neon colors, baggy shirts, dad/mom jeans, choker necklaces... Ugh! As If!

57. Nike


Nike Basketball Commercial

Vince Carter, Chris Bosh and Kevin Garnet are just a few of the big names in this 90s fashion commercial. You'll notice the absence of any sound besides the squeaking of shoes against the floor. That was sure to grab your attention while you were away from your tube television set.

58. The Gap

LL Cool J (1999)


Gap Advertisement

No one is cooler than LL, and this Gap commercial from 1999 proves it. He drops a clothing-based rhyme, against a minimal backdrop

59. JNCO

Todd Lyons BMX

JNCO Jeans Commercial

JNCO, the baggy, colorful jeans that every middle schooler wanted, put a spin on their marketing in the 90s with this BMX-themed commercial.

60. FUBU

LL Cool J

FUBU Commercial

Guess who's back... back again... No, not Slim Shady – LL Cool J! Man, this dude was everywhere in the 90s.

61. Reebok

Pumps (1990)

Reebok Pump Shoes Commercial

Dennis Rodman was the king of weird in the 90s—frankly, not much has changed in that aspect. Reebok signed on the dictator-loving basketball star, back when he was just the rebound-king of the NBA/Playboy centerfold. Watch the video above.

62. Adidas

"Adidas Equipment Basketball Shoe" (1993)

Adidas Shoes Commercial

Retro-ception. It's funny to see what people from the 90s think of people from the 60s. This commercial does a good job portraying the goofiness of both decades.

63. FILA

Mike Powell

FILA Shoes Commercial

Longjump record holder, Mike Powell makes an appearance, sporting some highly attractive FILAs. Although they have been making a comeback in the past year, we think these shoes never went out of style in the first place.

64. Nike Tennis

Agassi's Rock & Roll Tennis Camp (1991)

Aggasi & Flea Commercial

90s tennis hotshot, Andre Agassi and bassist of rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea teamed up for this one-of-a-kind advertisement promoting Nike tennis equipment.

More 90s Political Ads

The nineties produced some of the most interesting and—quite frankly—unique candidates in modern politics. Not only were there the Bill Clintons and Bob Doles, but politicians who are still active, campaigning and even running the country put out ads in the 90s that you should definitely see... FYI—nothing has changed in the past 30 years.

65. Bill Clinton

Fighting for the Forgotten Middle Class (1992)

America Back (1996)

Can't Afford Four More Years (1992)

Anti Dole (1996)

66. George H.W. Bush

What I am Fighting For (1992)

American Renewal (1992)

Guess Where He'll Get the Money (1992)

Change Must Be Guided By Principle (1992)

67. Bob Dole

Dole Tax Cut Plan (1996)

Teen Drug Use (1996)

Illegal Aliens (1996)

68. Ross Perot

Voting Your Conscience (1992)

Balancing the Budget & Reforming Government

The Issue is Leadership

69. Mitch McConnell Polio Scare (1990)

70. Bernie Sanders Movie Cameo (1999)

71. Donald Trump Pizza Hut Commercial (1995)

We just had to...

More 90s Movie Trailers

Some of the best moving pictures were created in the 1990s, from Titanic to Jurassic Park to the second-worst Back to the Future. Are you ready to relive cinematic history? Lieutenant Dan is.

72. Tommy Boy

Official Trailer (1995)

The king of comedy in the 90s is undoubtedly Chris Farley. Although his life was cut tragically short, he left behind some of the funniest movies of the decade that we continue to watch over and over and over again. Thanks, Chris.

73. Jurassic Park

Official Trailer (1993)

Before the age of CGI, filmmakers used something called "practical effects". Rather than creating a dinosaur on a computer, and then digitally rendering it on screen, directors would make physical models of them. Because of this, when you watch the movie even today, the effects don't look dated, unlike other movies (looking at you, The Mummy starring Brendon Frazier).

74. The Lost World: Jurassic Park 2

Official Trailer (1997)

Hold on to your butts, because Jurassic Park II is even more action-packed than the first. With the cast reunited (minus Newman, of course), the whole gang is back at it, trying to survive dino-island once again... once again... on a dinosaur island... that never should have been built in the first place. Where's the oversight people?!

75. Clueless

Official Trailer (1995)

In the 90s, these fashionistas blasted onto the big screen in style. Alicia Silverstone, Stacy Dash and Brittany Murphy (RIP) stunned in this high-fashion teenage romcom. You might want to watch just for fashion tips – a lot of these styles are starting to cycle back into fashion trends.

76. Air Force One

Official Trailer (1997)

Get off my plane! Yells an extra-angry Harrison Ford as he destroys terrorists aboard the President's aircraft. If you're looking for a Harrison Ford movie where he doesn't wear a goofy costume, this is about it.

77. Dumb and Dumber

Official Trailer (1994)

Harry and Lloyd are a match made in heaven – and that makes us want to watch Dumb & Dumber on repeat. Follow these two lovable losers as they try to return a lost briefcase from their home in Rhode Island to a little place called, "Assssssspen."

78. Happy Gilmore

Official Trailer (1996)

This 90s comedy classic features SNL-alum, Adam Sandler as a foul-mouthed, hockey-player-turned-golfer. This movie was the start of a long, fruitful career for Sandler, who recently was considered (but rudely snubbed) for an Academy Award.

79. The Parent Trap

Official Trailer (1998)

Starring a young Lindsey Lohan, before all the public meltdowns happened (seems so long ago, doesn't it?), this charming children's romp is a 90s version of the classic 1961 version.

80. Lion King

Official Trailer (1992)

We could make an entire section about 90s Disney films, and we plan to, however Lion King occupies a pedestal to which almost all other Disney films are compared. Hakuna Matata!

81. Beavis and Butthead Do America

Official Trailer (1996)

It's been almost 30 years since Beavis and Butthead first graced our television screens. The Mike Judge characters were so popular that they got their own movie – Beavis and Butthead Do America.

82. The Mask of Zorro

Official Trailer (1998)

Perhaps Antonio Banderas' best-known movie to date, The Mask of Zorro unleashed an all-star cast in a swashbuckling adventure.

83. The Mummy

Official Trailer (1999)

Join Rick, Eve and John as they fight off the evil mummy Imhotep, his plagues and curses, and restore order to the world. Just watch out for Scarab Beetles!

84. Grumpy Old Men

Official Trailer (1993)

A movie set in Minnesota? You know it's going to be good! Grumpy Old Men takes an honest look at the relationship between two geezers trying to get the better of each other, as they fight over fishing lures, yard space and women.

85. Boyz n the Hood

Official Trailer (1991)

An honest look at the streets of South Central LA in the 1990s. Boyz n the Hood was one of the first movies to portray black communities from the perspective of black actors.

86. Batman Forever

Official Trailer (1995)

Like many things in the 90s, Batman Forever was over-the-top. Unlike recent Batman films, it's a more goofy recreation of the comic books, thanks in large part to Jim Carrey's portrayal of the Riddler.

87. Back to the Future III

Official Trailer (1990)

Although part three never lived up to the greatness of part one, the final movie in this trilogy isn't half bad, and it's certainly better than part two. It's a little bit of a Western, little bit Steampunk and finally provides a conclusion as to where the hell Doc went after he got struck by lightning.

88. Casper

Official Trailer (1995)

Featuring comic ghosts, a young Cristina Ricci and extra straight-man Bill Pullman – here's the perfect flick to turn on over the Halloween holidays.

89. Pretty Woman

Official Trailer (1990)

If you think about it, this plot is a little twisted. But, nevertheless, it's probably Julia Roberts' most memorable performances from the 90s.

90. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie

Official Trailer (1995)

90s kids know the Power Rangers – it was unavoidable back in the day. This movie brought the whole crew together, including the elusive White Ranger, to fight the evil Lord Zedd, before they had to get back to high school.

91. Saving Private Ryan

Official Trailer (1998)

This Academy Award Winning World War II era flick had us all hanging on to the edge of our seats. And, although he's always fantastic, this may be one of Tom Hanks top performances of all time.

92. Good Will Hunting

Official Trailer (1997)

A dramatic tale about a prodigy janitor from South Boston and his cooky therapist. How bout 'dem apples?

93. 10 Things I Hate About You

Official Trailer (1999)

We all miss Heath Ledger, so if you're prone to tears, maybe avoid watching the trailer of this teenage classic from 1999. However, if you do, you'll see a young Heath, as well as Julia Styles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gabrielle Union.

94. The Big Green

Official Trailer (1995)

Steve Guttenberg is at his best in this underdog comedy about an elementary soccer team in Texas and their way-to-attractive teacher. One things for sure, you're in for more slapstick than you might be able to handle.

95. Aladdin

Official Trailer (1992)

Another Disney classic, which also received a recent live-action remake, is Aladdin. Relive Al, Abu, Jasmine and Genie's quest to save the sultan and Agrabah with the trailer above.

96. Pulp Fiction

Official Trailer (1994)

This is the movie that helped put Quentin Tarantino on the list of greatest directors of all time. It's laid back cinematography, fast-paced plot, and the chemistry of John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson and the rest of the cast really made it stand out at the time.

97. Matrix

Official Trailer (1999)

Before The Matrix, no one ever thought of dodging bullets by running on walls or bending backwards at 90º. And the movie franchise is still highly prevalent in today's society, with a fourth film currently in the works to be released in 2021.

98. Forrest Gump

Official Trailer (1994)

"I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is." And with that, the slow-witted Alabama man made his way into America's hearts forever. Run Forest, Run!

99. Home Alone

Official Trailer (1990)

The Christmas classic from the 90s that everyone loves to watch once a year. While Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin stepped back from the silver screen after become a huge child star, this cinematic gem will never lose its popularity among 90s kids.

100. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Official Trailer (1992)

A sequel that touched our hearts and gave us more antics from Kevin McAllister, Harry and Marv, this time in the Big Apple.

101. Toy Story

Official Trailer (1995)

While some say that they ruined the franchise with the fourth Toy Story (which, in our opinion, was a complete cash grab), let's think back to a time when Woody, Buzz and Andy were introduced to the world with this 90s movie trailer.

102. Blair Witch Project

Official Trailer (1999)

This movie scared the livin' bejesus out of us. The formula was so successful, that the first-person/found-footage horror genre is now its own subsection within the cinematic enclave.

103. Jumanji

Official Trailer (1995)

Robin Williams appeared in some of the most memorable films of the 90s, and Jumanji is near the top of that list. We all know the rules – don't play the game... play the trailer.

104. Surf Ninjas

Official Trailer (1993)

While the focus of this movie is on three shaka-brah surf brothers, we can't help but focus on a young Rob Schneider and his Flaming-Cheeto hair.

105. First Kid

Official Trailer (1996)

Three words that are always uttered in the same sentence: Comedy; Legend; Sinbad. That's right, in First Kid, Sinbad is at his funniest when he takes on the role of White House security. Through trials and tribulations, he ends up taking the First Kid under the wing. I think he also gets shot at the end, or something.

106. Muppet Christmas Carol

Official Trailer (1993)

Throughout all these decades, the Muppets never really lost steam. And Muppet Christmas Carol is no exception. Join Kermit, Miss Piggy, Rizzo, Grover and the whole gang as they retell Charles Dickens' Christmas classic.

107. Big Bully

Official Trailer (1996)

A sleeper, Big Bully features our favorite 90s Canadien, Rick Moranis, and cinematic legend, Tom Arnold. The two slapstick it up for our enjoyment for about an hour and a half, and we couldn't ask for anything more.

108. Speed

Official Trailer (1994)

Keanu and Sandra are at their best in this adrenaline-pumping film about a bus that cannot be driven under 50 mph or else it, and everyone aboard... dies! Dun, dun, dun.

109. The Halloween Tree

VHS Trailer + Animated Casper (1993)

The Halloween Tree is a take on Ray Bradbury's classic story of the same name. This is the original promo from the VHS copy of the Cartoon Network classic. If you watch long enough, you'll also see promos for Casper the Friendly Ghost and Yogi Bear.

110. Free Willy

Official Trailer (1993)

We're not sure how we feel about the animal abuse, but damn. Michael Jackson could write a helluva theme song.

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