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6 Stunning Examples of Event Web Design

Operating an events-driven company has its own unique set of challenges — from managing in-house production teams to booking venues to selling tickets and much more. At the end of the day, you probably don't have a lot of capacity left to manage and promote your own website.
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But more and more, the first way potential customers interact with your event company is through your website. That’s why it’s crucial to offer up a flawless first impression to those stunning event web design.

As someone who has perfected the art of driving crowds to physical events, become a master of driving users to your digital properties. So, to better understand what makes an event company’s website beautiful and highly functional, let’s examine six examples of aesthetically-sharp event websites.

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1. Activate Events

activate events - web design

Activate Events is a global event management company, specializing in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, healthcare and finance industries. And,  the website that they've put together is well-thought out, interactive and simply stunning to look at.

With a social media feed directly embedded into the header, users can view or join in on the discussion surrounding the Activate Events brand. A vivid mix of colors pop out to grab the eye’s attention amidst a minimal grey background. With the accompanying interactive map, users can spend time clicking through color-coded events in their area or anywhere else throughout the globe.

2. GES

ges events website design
This industry leader captures website users’ attention right away -- in fact they took the words right out of our mouth: “Wow!” With trendy color gradients, compelling images of their products in action and creative copywriting, GES has a web presence that rivals the biggest players in the industry. Not only is their visual game on point, their customer service is there to back up the brand with live chat and customer support features to help the user with anything that they need.

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3. Fresh Wata Events

fresh wata event website design

At the convergence of marketing and technology are experiential event companies. In such a new and revolutionary industry, experiential marketing works as it's name implies – by creating experiences between a company and consumer. This may be through corporate philanthropy, a special event or even buying an entire event center. For example, Vans Shoes recently opened House of Vans in Chicago, a fully functioning art gallery, music venue and indie-film house.

So, as any experiential-based company knows, their digital presence needs to reflect the advanced services they provide. Freshwata Events, seen above, has lived up to the test. A more minimal layout than others on this list, but that doesn’t mean this website is any less effective in terms of user experience. With their branding front and center and compelling, interactive content, this event website idea gives users more than one reason to stick around.

4. Insane Impact Event Company

event company - insane impact website
This conversion-friendly event web design provides a contact form directly at the top of the page, allowing potential customers to send any inquires right away. With large images, clearly laid-out sections and heavy emphasis on their event offerings, InsaneImpact.com is built to engage users. Perhaps the best aspect of this website is their resource hub, LED Academy, an all-in-one resource for everything you need to know about the interesting event technology. This page includes videos, useful links and even a quiz where users can test themselves on their recently obtained knowledge.

5. Koncept Events

event technology website - koncept events
This events website features compelling imagery, an eye-grabbing color scheme and cool visual designs to show off their wealth of experience and communicate their vision of being the “event planner of the future”. Similar to Activate Media’s website, Koncept has also integrated a social sharing feature that aggregates posts about their brand. In conjunction with it’s high-style, we’d say it’s a winner.

6. ON Services A/V Company

A/V web design - ON Services
This events website features compelling imagery, an eye-grabbing color scheme and cool visual designs to show off their deep experience and communicate their vision of being the “event planner of the future”. Similar to the Activate Media and Koncept websites, it also has an integrated social sharing feature that aggregates posts about their brand. In conjunction with its high-style, we’d say it’s a winner.

Event Web Design in Conclusion

Overall, for a fantastic event web design that attracts an audience, we’ve recognized a few consistent themes:

  • Use a vivid color scheme to draw in the user and make them excited about your event or company.
  • If you do go minimal with your event website, make it interesting and match it to the brand.
  • Create compelling, sharp copy throughout your entire website.
  • Provide the user with easy access to customer service representatives.
  • Create a frictionless path-to-conversion so that your users aren’t hindered when they want to get in touch with your event company.

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