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Essential Tech for Successful SEO Freelancers in 2018

There are over 1.2 billion websites on the internet. Consequently, leading traffic to a website requires effort. The only way to achieve this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Companies leave this job to specialists who have both the time and the expertise to create a successful SEO strategy. Others will employ an SEO freelancer for the job as they are bound to charge less and offer their best to build their portfolio.

In spite of their expertise, freelance SEO specialists do not know everything and cannot offer effective digital services if they don’t have some assistance. In fact, the most successful freelancers in the SEO industry rely on apps, tools, websites and software to help them accomplish their work.

SEO tools are mainly used to:

  • Track activities on the website
  • Search target keywords
  • Monitor the activities of competitors
  • Measure and analyze the success of the SEO strategy and efforts

Here are some of the best SEO tools that are worth trying in 2018. They have been categorized into classes where they fit most, though some can fit into multiple categories.

Keyword Research Tools

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Keyword Planner

It is a must-have for any freelance SEO specialist. It provides the keywords that are searched for the most in the search engine. It also offers synonyms and niche-specific keywords to help with the keyword choice.


It is an excellent alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner. It provides more data than the Planner does, and it is possible to arrange the suggestions in terms of preference.

SEObooks’s Rank Checker

SEObook’s Rank Checker allows you to identify and export the ranking of target search terms in Google and Yahoo.


Searchmetrics seems to fall into all categories. It provides data on keyword, social impact, and competitive research. It guarantees quality results.

Long Tail Pro

It is probably the most popular SEO tool among SEO specialists. An excellent tool provides data on a keyword such as a search traffic. It also helps judge the performance of the competitors by offering information on their page and domain authority.

It is similar to Ubersuggest. A keyword search reveals more than 700 content ideas relevant to the keyword.

SEO Performance Analysis

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It works as an SEO professor. It scores the SEO strength of a website and offers a guideline on how to improve the performance. It provides notifications on the specific pages that need to be optimized and provides tips on how to achieve that.

Open Site Explorer

It aims at finding opportunities that can be exploited to increase linking. It researches backlinks, analyzes social activity and anchor text as well as identifies relevant top pages.

Monitor Backlinks

It is both an SEO monitoring tool and a competitor research tool. It provides a daily summary of changes in backlink status. It also helps in monitoring the rankings of keywords as well as track competitor actions for new links.


it is a very useful SEO tool for off-page optimization, which is mainly focused on link performance.

Xenu Link Sleuth

Software that checks and validates text links, frames, local image maps, and backgrounds. It also checks the website for broken links.

Google Search Console

Search Console – formerly Webmaster Tools – is probably the most used SEO tool besides the Google Analytics. It gives a visual impression of how the website appears on a search engine. It then provides tips on how to improve the appearance. It also reveals errors in the site and possible mitigation.

Wayback Machine

An archive on the Wayback Machine brings back memories of the website. It comes in handy if a new strategy seems to fail. You can just check with the Wayback machine to find out how the previous webpage looked like.

Competitor SEO Tools

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SEMRush is a comprehensive SEO tool, providing information on the performance of your website and competitors’ websites. It is also useful at analyzing the performance of search terms used in an SEO strategy.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ is purely a competitor research platform. It accepts competitor domains and then crawls the websites to find out the number of backlinks in the domains, their authority, SEO titles, organic search traffic and many more. This feature has made it an excellent tool for SEO audits.

Similar Web

Similar Web is used for comparing the amount of traffic on two different websites. It has consequently become a competitor research tool.

Content Optimization Tools

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Impactana helps locate the best content related to a site or keyword. It achieves this by showing the number of times the content was shared as well as the number of links. It is a helpful tool for content creation freelancers who are unsure if the content will attract enough backlinks.


Most people probably use this for keyword search. However, this excellent tool goes beyond offering high-performance keywords and proposes content ideas. It is essential for building relevant content, a feature that always serves SEOs well.


Copyscape enables you to find related website content to your own across the web. It also helps in avoiding the use of plagiarized material on the client’s website.

Local Listing Management

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Moz Local

Moz offers this local SEO tool for the management of local listings. You can use it to claim and verify local listing submissions. It also scans through the page’s citations for any errors that may derail the performance of the SEO strategy.

The Whitespark Local Citation Finder

Whitespark offers more advanced features than Moz Local does. It provides information on where you can list the business for better rankings. It can also be used for collecting customer reviews and online feedback.


It is evident that an SEO freelancer cannot exhaust all the tools available in the market. The best advice when using an SEO tool is to pick one that meets a specific need you have, such as keyword analysis, content optimization, linkbuilding, competitor research or local listings, for example.

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