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The Best Free Stock Photo Sites on The Internet

There are many free image websites around the Internet, and more keep popping up by the day. Here are some of the best — get rid of those boring old stock photos and try out any of the following websites to improve your look.

stock photo of beautiful waterfall and island landscape

We've never been to this scenic waterfall, nor do we own this photo. But it's cool, right? You can use it too, at

Free Stock Photo Website List

collection of stock photos

Quick and easy (and old), Wikimedia Commons is fairly intuitive but it can be confusing with its antiquated user interface. Make sure you’re searching for completely unattributed images unless you want to credit the author.

Easy-to-use and just about the most business-related stock photos available.

Offering high-resolution photos with a large variety of subjects that are perfect for any brand wanting to boost their site imagery.

This is a pretty great collection of stock photos, quirky and fun. I’ve noticed, however, that once you get familiar with some of the images, you’ll start seeing them elsewhere across the web pretty frequently.

This is a huge image resource across dozens of categories, any web designers go-to resource.

Smaller-scale site. If you sign up with an email, you’ll receive seven high-res photos every single week. Good alternative to Gratisography.

For those trying to evoke the antiquated feeling, or find an alternative to Wikimedia Commons, this site provides a collection of cool antique photos.

Creative Commons licensing means you need to attribute, but they provide breathtaking photos every 10 days.

Created by LEEROY creative agency, new and creative pictures are added weekly.

A message we can get behind - eh? These guys provide 10 photos within a certain category delivered to your inbox.

Unique, free mobile photos for personal or commercial use.

This site is somewhat new but features a great collection of tech-related photos that are perfect for startups, agency and creatives of all types.

Don’t forget about iconography, infographics are a powerful tool for your website marketing efforts. Piktochart provides a free version that supplies a few infographic templates and a paid premium version with loaded features.

If you’re in need of a basic, free and fast-acting photo editor, Pixlr is your best bet. This will also work (until you get fed up with restrictions) as an alternative to Photoshop.

Free Stock Video Sites

Whether you're trying to increase SEO engagement or drive attention to a certain topic,  video can come in handy. More and more we’re seeing videos used in place of hero images in the header of the homepage. Video is becoming a rising star in Internet marketing, and it isn’t stopping -- according to Cisco, in 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled.

Stock Video Website Results

Pixabay also offers great stock video options, meaning you can use them in commercial work without crediting anyone. If you're curious – they have over 1400 HD video clips and ~65 4K clips.

The self-proclaimed largest online resource for free HD stock footage and motion graphics, they boast a wide amount of footage with over 4000 clips. While that's a big number, some videos on their site are not fully free. Check the license before you decide to use any videos off of Videvo so you can avoid any lawsuits.

Pexels' content is all CCo, so you can use every clip you see, without attribution.  With that being noted, the video website has a smaller inventory of only about 250 video clips.

With seven new videos added to the collection each week, this growing website contains over 200 videos that are perfect for website backgrounds. They're all CCo and will give your site a modern and sleek look.

Carefully scan the copyright license for each individual video clip on Videezy, as there is no simple method to filtering by license type (convenient – right?). With over 1500 videos, you may be able to find a free video that suits your purposes, however, the majority of videos are CC-BY or some variation, which aren't ideal for commercial use.

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