Writing a homepage, creating shareable articles, crafting press releases, building content strategy, targeted distribution – it’s what we excel at.

  We build content crafted to serve searcher intent, turn visitors into customers, sell more products and capture more leads.

  Targeted, evergreen content has a higher long-term ROI than almost any other marketing method.

  Develop a brand voice and craft copy that reflects your personality to drive new and return users to your website.


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“From press releases, to ebooks, many different kinds of articles and website copy that perfectly captures any brand they set their mind to – I can’t recommend Frahm Digital highly enough.”

Tim Brown – Hook Agency




Our SEO copywriting services are designed to grow your website’s traffic. Through the development of smart, sensible content strategies, we position your brand as an industry thought leader.

From articles to taglines to ebooks to press releases, we provide creative content development services for businesses that want to grow. We have the experience and capacity to define your content strategy and maximize your website’s potential. Become a resource, become a success. It starts with great content.

We build content that increases your keyword-rank net. By posting more content on your site, you’re creating more chances to rank for keywords you may have never considered, but are nevertheless valuable.

As content grows, Frahm Digital will help your site gain momentum and reach its tipping point. No matter what type of content your audience is interested in, we’ll pinpoint and develop whatever you need to make a huge impression.

Partnering with you on a mission to transform website content, drive more traffic and give you a voice to tell your story online. Click below to find out how we transformed the content of one brand in particular.



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Inflight Pilot Training

Inflight and its partner companies serves the Twin Cities aviation industry by providing their premier flight training, airplane rental and aircraft maintenance services. In order to rise in local and national search results, we launched an aggressive content production campaign that has included hundreds of articles, ebooks, web pages and more.

Through high-quality content development, Frahm Digital was able to achieve over 400+ new keyword rankings and dominate the competition, ranking first spot for dozens of high-target keywords.

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Mathes Event Productions

Building an attention-grabbing web design is crucial in enhancing a company’s online presence both in the eyes of consumers and search engines. Frahm Digital was tasked with redesigning the Mathes Event Productions website from scratch. We focused on a layout, graphics and copy that better reflected this award-winning events company.

Not only that, we’ve been enhancing the search presence of To date, we’ve more than doubled organic search traffic and tripled impressions gained from Google.



We strive to provide a personalized experience when you enlist our website content services.

Every business is unique, every industry presents a new challenge, a new opportunity. To provide the user with the best digital experience possible, we want to immerse ourselves within your world. That’s why we always take a personalized approach to the services we provide.

You can’t tell your brand story if people can’t find you. With our services, your message is crafted to draw in more consumers. In a matter of weeks, your website can be attracting new customers, gaining more leads or driving more revenue.

Reach out to us today for a personalized quote for your upcoming website copy project.





Clear copywriting that reflects your brand will better break through the noise. By properly communicating with your audience, you’ll build connections that benefit your P&L sheets.

  • Homepage Writing
  • Headline Writing
  • Slogan, Tagline Creation
  • Display Ad Copywriting
  • SEO Copywriting for Websites

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Researching keywords, topics, industry trends and planning how your content will sync is critical in your efforts to drive more website traffic. You wouldn’t take-off on a cross country road trip without a map, correct? Similarly, a cohesive content strategy is your map to stay on course to meet the underlying goals.

  • Content Calendar Development
  • Competitor Audits / Analysis
  • Persona Development
  • Demographic Research
  • Keyword Trend Analysis
  • Link Building



PR plays a strong role in increasing your backlink profile and thus the SEO value of your site. With our full-stack of digital public relations services, Frahm Digital has the tools to get your press release distributed across hundreds of media organizations throughout the United States.

At the intersection of PR and marketing is a relationship built upon the idea of “give-and-take.” The two work in conjunction to support the overall message and outreach efforts of a brand. We take a holistic approach, covering all aspects of public relations/marketing to boost impressions, improve brand awareness and drive high-value traffic to your website.

  • Media Relations
  • Communication Plan Development
  • Contact List Development
  • Backlink outreach
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Press Release Writing
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Michael Frahm - Owner
Five Gold Stars in a Row


Frahm Digital is owned and operated by Mike Frahm. Officially founded in 2017, our company was born out of a growing freelance model that’s been Mike’s passion project for nearly a decade. While Mike cut his teeth at award-winning digital marketing and communications agencies in Minneapolis, he was simultaneously focused on winning new clients and providing a unique “creatively technical” approach to content marketing.

Today, our company has served over two dozen clients around the U.S. with premier SEO copywriting and content marketing services that get results. But don’t take it from us – take a look at what some of our clients have to say about our approach:

We’ve partnered with Frahm Digital on several SEO and copywriting projects. They take a strategic approach to content development that consistently leads to improved rankings, traffic and conversions. We’ll continue to recommend Frahm Digital to our clients and partners.

– Griff Roer, Founder Uproer

Mike rocked the website he created for a special event I have every year. I really didn’t want to bother with it. He completely took ownership and exceeded any expectations I had with his creativity and execution. He was very open to any small adjustments and always took it a step further. Great person to work with! Highly recommend!

– Steve Norwick, Owner SJN Sound


While Frahm Digital is run by Mike, to stay lean and provide the client with lower costs, he occasionally enlists members of a personal network of highly skilled SEO professionals, technical writers, PR pros and marketing gurus in Minneapolis when the project calls for it. We’ll always take a personalized approach to each company we work with because your success is our success.



Since our inception, Frahm Digital has worked with Fortune 500 Companies, small, main-street business and everything in between. While we are based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, we work with organizations throughout the country, serving up our unique combination of creative and technical digital marketing services. From aviation, technology and financial services to real estate, health care and beyond, we have a wealth of experience and are ready to tackle your project, no matter which industry you operate in.



Ready to get the perfect website? Get in touch with Frahm Digital today.


Our content marketing process is designed around years of research and development. This approach supports a stronger client-agency relationship, while defining the roadmap needed to improve your content’s performance. It’s our goal to keep you informed throughout the entire project.


    The initial step in our content process is to educate ourselves on every detail relevant to your brand, competitors, market and industry. We take extra time to define crucial items such as target audience, in-depth keyword research and content strategy development. Once we have the essential information, we can begin to tell your story.

    We take into account your needs, wants and pain points to develop an accurate scope of your content endeavor. By working together, our team can better understand what it you’re trying to achieve with a content strategy. During our initial consultation, we’ll open up a dialogue to better understand how we can best serve you.


    Once we know everything there is to know about your brand, we move on to our exploration phase. This is where we scour the web, brainstorming and ideating on ways to solve complex problems. Our team of creative engineers, web design experts and crafty copywriters uses their expertise to dream up big content marketing ideas.

    We enjoy venturing into the unknown; the precarious, learning more and more about online business opportunities that you can take advantage of. We’re master explorers, ready to take on whatever lies ahead. When you work with us, you may even be inspired to throw the compass overboard and join us in a great adventure improving your content.


    A content strategy is crucial to your online success. And we don’t take the one-size-fits-all approach. Through keyword research, Google trends, competitive analysis and beyond, we’ll develop a roadmap for your success online. Our editorial calendars are designed around sound data and creative ideation. Our fully customizable content strategies are centered around your goals as a developing or established company.

    Once we have a broad range of ideas, we clean it up and present an entire report. With a plan in place to drive more traffic to your website, we provide actionable tasks that will improve your organic growth from day one. Once a solid content strategy is agreed upon, we can ensure your project is executed on-time and on-budget. Now, both client and agency know exactly what to expect in the upcoming months.


    Once we kick off our execution phase, you’ll start to see traffic increase. With our comprehensive content marketing services, you’ll be well positioned to grow brand awareness and reach new markets. We do everything in our power to make sure all of the action items in our content strategy are completed to a T.

    When our plan kicks off, we must monitor and learn from our successes and failures, as any good leader knows to do. If we don’t understand our performance, we can miss valuable revenue or promotional opportunities. We adjust our project scope as data begins to trickle in. Data-driven insights are key to any successful content execution.



An SEO copywriter is the person behind most of the advertisements or marketing material you see. Copywriters write text and scripts for everything from TV commercials to billboards to websites. The text is what’s referred to as “copy”.