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How to Craft a Luxury Web Design For Your Small Business

While you are focused on winning new customers, keeping current clients happy and managing the day-to-day operations of your small business, it’s easy to let the condition of your website fall to the wayside. 

And when it comes to small business web design, ever-changing styles and trends come and go like the tides of the ocean. But, whether you sell yachts, watches, high-end apparel or other luxury product/service, there are a few key visual elements that you should take the time to improve.

So, if it’s time to give your luxury business website a makeover, here are a few tasks you can take on – here we go!

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Choose a Sophisticated Small Business Color Scheme

Gucci homepage web design example

A great color scheme communicates a sense of professionalism, trustworthiness and luxury. But the right colors don't just make your website more attractive, they also can be used strategically throughout content. Use complimentary colors to call attention to pop-out boxes, calls-to-action, contact forms and other important content you want to draw the eye to. 

Tips for picking a luxurious color scheme for your small business website:

  • Use one to two accent colors: Your color usage should be simple. So, keep accent colors down to one or two, and use them only on important elements as mentioned above.
  • Keep colors subdued: It’s important that if you do use colors, to keep them subdued. Pastels, monochromatic schemes, neutral base tones and avoiding sharp color contrast will help maintain a more luxurious look.
  • Choose neutral colors when in doubt: If you’re not sure what website color scheme to choose right now, that’s ok – it makes things easy when you stick with whites, grays, beiges and blacks. Paired with a minimal layout and bold imagery, you can achieve a sophisticated-looking layout, whether you operate an events company, financial business or music studio.
  • Don’t use colors on top of colors: In general, keep typography white, black or another neutral, and avoid mixing too many colors among different elements. This can clutter the overall design, making it hard for users to grasp your message in its entirety.

Small Business Website Color Scheme Samples

Searching for an awesome color scheme for your small business website? Try out any of the RGB colors below and upgrade your look.

Minimal Small Business Website Color Scheme

minimal website color scheme

Bold SBO Marketing Website Color Scheme

bold website color scheme

Financial Small Business Website Color Scheme

financial website color scheme

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Luxury Website Color Scheme

blue website color scheme

High-Contrast Neutrals Color Scheme

neutral website color scheme

Event Company Website Color Scheme

event website color scheme

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Go With Big, Bold Imagery

Nothing communicates your luxury products and service offerings than high-quality images that are easy to see. If you have some extra cash, it’s worth it to hire a professional photographer to take high-resolution photos you can use on your WordPress website. Nothing indicates poor quality quicker than website imagery that’s pixelated, blurry, poorly formatted or oriented. 

For example, if you’re a boat dealer that specializes in the sales of luxury yachts, your website needs to be as high-end as the products you provide. A simple way to do this is to update your photos with professional, high-quality images that clearly, quickly connect with a user. The small business website example below is for a super-yacht designer, and they don’t even have their product above the fold – however, that doesn’t mean the user can’t or connect with the highly visual imagery that’s present. 

Aqua Yachts homepage design example

Or, check out the below example from Imperial Yachts, which show off the imposing size and sleekness of one of their vessels. Nothing says ultra-wealth better than occupying the entire deck of a super-yacht.

Imperial Yachts Homepage Example

SEO Pro Tip: Speed up your website images so you don’t get penalized by Google. 

Use Pagespeed Insights to check the performance of your website. Click the Use Lossless Compression drop down to see site images that can be reduced. 

where to find image file size on pagespeed-insights

Use TinyPNG, Photoshop or another compression system to decrease file size and re-upload/post. Press re-analyze on Pagespeed Insights to ensure the file size has been decreased.

Avoid Too Much Text

Too much text hinders a great small business web design. According to copywriting best practices, you should try to communicate your message as succinctly as possible while still letting your personality come through.

If you ever need outside help, learn how to choose a small business SEO company

A high-word count has been shown to perform better on search engines, but not at the expense of solid user experience. Keep heavy-copy content for other areas of your website like the blog.

SEO Copywriting Pro Tip: Match Copy & Imagery

call to action on a boat dealer website that says "don't watch from the shore" above a contact us button

It’s more effective on the reader when your website copy and accompanying imagery play off each other. Use photos that relate to your written message and vice versa. The boat dealer above, for example has a crafty homepage contact section, with a beautiful picture looking out on the ocean and the copy to tie it together, “Don’t Watch From the Shore”. 

Make it Personal

about our luxury brand CTA on a website

An image of you and/or your small business team, with a personal note and call to action can go a long way in personalizing your website content. Not only does it humanize your brand, but your users will develop a stronger connection with your company when they can put a face to the name. 

Add Proof of Your Luxurious Offerings

Do you have a group of affluent customers? Let’s say you’re a high-end car dealership, selling Ferraris, Porches, Teslas and other expensive vehicles. Everyone knows these logos and the influence they occupy among elite customers – and presenting them on your website helps establish your credibility as a small but luxurious brand.

Aston Martin, Mazerrati, Bently logos on a luxury car dealership website

Ask Yourself: What Does the Target Want?

When it comes to small business SEO, you can optimize the technical side of your website all you want, but if you’re not actively building content for your target audience, you’re missing a large chunk of an effective digital marketing strategy. This takes a little strategic thinking – but the rise in awareness will be worth it. 

content example for private plane charter company

For instance, if you ran a private plane charter company, how could you better connect with the people that you want to shuttle around? Drilling down, we’d likely target a main audience of corporate business executives – how can we connect our services back to them? Some blog ideas might include:

  • 10 Corporate Tax Benefits of Private Plane Rental
  • 5 Reasons Private Flying beats Business Class
  • Buying a Plane vs. Renting a Plane: Which is a Better Business Decision?

We put the UX in Luxury Web Design

A proper website design communicates your message through clear visuals, compelling copy and proper user experience. Whether you need a makeover, or something brand new, our team can supercharge your brand.

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can improve the digital appeal of your small business.


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