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10 Tips: Build a Trustworthy Financial Website

Perhaps the only thing more challenging than providing clients and customers with superb financial assistance is actually creating an accessible, resourceful, and informative financial website. For most people, comprehending an industry that can be as dry, tedious, and competitive as financial services is asking a whole lot. Nonetheless, if there’s one thing people can’t get enough help with, it’s managing their money. Which is why it’s crucial that you maximize the potential of your financial website so you can generate more traffic, gain more clients, and become an ideal resource for all things monetary. Here are ten essential tips to help you build the perfect financial website:

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1) Maximize Minimalism

Financial Website Design Example: Meath Finance Advisor in Minneapolis

The easiest mistake to make when it comes to financial website design is getting too carried away. While it may seem instinctive to provide visitors to your website with as much informative copy, graphics, and videos as possible, you don’t want bombardment to be people’s first impression of your site. 

In the example above from Meath Finance Advisors, they demonstrate in simple terms three distinct ways their firm benefits its customers. "Have Clarity", "Feel at Ease" and "Make an Impact"; powerful language, accompanied by simple iconographic design does the trick in this instance.

Sometimes appropriate spacing, short and precise paragraphs, and sleek visuals are all you need to entice visitors into sticking around and learning more about your financial services. Here are a few inspiring examples of financial web designs that effectively embrace modern minimalistic web pages.

2) Accessible Navigation 

A minimal and modern design accompanied by sleek, inviting graphics and visuals means absolutely nothing if online visitors can’t efficiently navigate their way through your financial website. People will leave your site with even the slightest frustrating experience.

To ensure you’re not testing your visitors’ patience, make sure any menu bars you have are prominently displayed at the top of your homepage, and all your online services can be seen and accessed without having to scroll around all over the place. The lesser amount of clicks one performs to absorb your website, the greater their patience and activity will be.  

3) Engaging Visuals 

Given that the majority of the population do not work in financial services, you should assume that processing monetary information can be considered as somewhat intimidating for most of your website traffic. Reading paragraphs of financial service information could be difficult for potential clients to retain, let alone feel compelled to read. This is where congenial, instructional, and polished visuals can do wonders for educating online visitors on what exactly it is you can provide for them.

In the financial industry, you deal with a lot of high-net-worth individuals, complex corporations and small businesses, among others. In other words, you serve people who don't have a lot of time.

Financial Website Design Example: Froehling Anderson Summary of Services

That's why it's so crucial to communicate your unique value propositions (UVPs) immediately and succinctly. In the above example from Froehling Anderson, a CPA firm in Minneapolis, you can see that they make it easy as possible for the user to understand how they stand to benefit by choosing them.

Presenting information in a "question - answer" format is a creative way to both intrigue the reader and provide them with crucial UVPs. Rather than over-selling, they're providing a helpful, "lean-on-me" brand voice.

Also, avoid generic stock images and settle on imagery that’s in line with your branding and website aesthetic to help break up monotonous text. Even some simple graphics or pie charts illustrating various statistics or figures can do wonders for maintaining engagement.      

4) Competent Mobility

Speaking of accessible navigation, if your mobile website performance isn’t on point, you could potentially be cutting your amount of possible online visitors and clients in half. More than fifty percent of Google searches are conducted on smartphones, and studies show that the younger generations predominately access the Internet via mobile phone. You need to devote just as much time and effort into your mobile site design as you are into your standard website, so make sure menus and navigation bars aren’t too small to tap on via phone, as well as ensuring loading and refresh times are as efficient as possible.   

5) Inviting Videos 

example of marketing video on a fiduciary advisor's website

There’s no easier way to drive engagement and increase time spent on your financial website than including informative and interesting videos on your webpage. In fact, complementing your print or copy with relevant videos has been proven to boost website engagement and online user activity.

Many visitors to your website will feel more compelled to spend thirty seconds watching an animated short depicting all the ways your company can financially assist them than spending the same amount of time reading blocks of paragraphs. Intriguing videos are an opportunity for you to separate yourself from the rest of the pack with accessible content that enhances engagement and provides visitors with easily digestible information.

In this financial website example from Klane Wealth Management, a professionally produced and edited video takes the spotlight. The great thing about video is that it not only easily and clearly communicates your UVPs, it evokes emotion through the use of music, certain camera angles, lighting, etc.

For those fiduciary advisors that are having trouble humanizing your website, a video might be the ideal option to improve time on page metrics and conversion metrics.

6) Stay Social

If you haven’t learned by now, no matter what your company provides for clients, having a social media presence is an absolute necessity to help garner more traffic and engagement for your financial website. Make sure you're putting social media front and center on your website, similar to the Edina wealth management company website, Flourish:

Flourish Wealth Management in Edina – social podcasting section on their website

You can see how they put their podcast and audio content front-and-center, with a row of social icons at the bottom of their home page header. Give the user options, but tell them what's most important to understanding your brand. Make that aspect shine through in your overall website layout.

Also keep in mind – the frequency and scheduling of your social media posts will have a direct impact on the number of people intentionally or organically accessing your website. Even if you’re occasionally retweeting resourceful financial tips or sharing one money-management article on Facebook every day, that little effort can make a world of difference in terms of driving traffic to your page. An easy way to reach new audiences and create shareable content is by starting a blog, featuring relevant and informational financial content that can then be posted on all your social media channels.   

7) Strong Security  

People are becoming more skeptical of the websites they visit and their online activity in general every day. And if you’re dealing with sensitive financial information for your clients, they’ll have more to worry about then blocking advertisements or clicking out of pop-ups. For a relatively small investment, you can secure an SSL Certification for your financial website, which will ensure your users are accessing an encrypted connection and help boost your line defense against hackers. This is the least you can do to help put your clients’ minds at ease when it comes to providing them with financial assistance. 

8) Practical Gadgets 

retirement calculator on a financial company website

Another way to increase user engagement on your financial website is to provide online visitors with a number of engrossing gadgets, applications, or resources related to financial management. The goal here is to solve an issue for the consumer. 

Budget or debt calculators are always enticing for visitors to click on, and can help them understand how much they actually need some financial assistance. Other examples of resourceful widgets or badges include thumbnail stock charts, exchange rate charts, or virtual balance trackers. All of these applications can be utilized to incentivize website visitors into becoming clients. 

For example, the retirement calculator above solves the issue of people's financial planning throughout their life. Once the calculator runs its equations — providing its value — the final results are accompanied by a call-to-action centered around retirement planning services.

9) Strategic SEO          

Effective financial website SEO is crucial in building brand awareness, driving traffic to your content and capturing leads to grow business. If you’re still unfamiliar with the advantages successful Search Engine Optimization can provide for you, it’s better late than never to enlighten yourself. SEO improves both the technical backend of your website for higher performance and the front-end content that gets ranked in search results. To put it simply, taking advantage of proficient SEO strategies is what can make or break your financial website performance when it comes to reaching your intended audience. Of course, it's easier said than done...

...for an in-depth dive on improving your financial website's SEO, read our guide: SEO 101: Best Practices to Build a Better Brand.

10) Call-To-Action 

Financial Website Design Call-to-Action Example

Providing your online visitors with Call-To-Action opportunities is a true means to measure and evaluate user engagement within your financial website. Anything that encourages and initiates interaction between a visitor and your web page can be considered call-to-action. Contact resources, assistance chats, newsletter sign-ups, social media buttons; all of these are examples of call-to-action options that can be hyperlinked or clicked on to establish and enhance visitor engagement for your financial website.

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