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SEO Trends that are Influencing Your Brand Marketing Campaign

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Anyone can start a business, but not everyone can grow a brand. To build authority and grow your position on the market, you have to invest in your business image and take advantage of every possible channel to increase exposure.

It’s clear that digital marketing has become a powerful marketing tool, and SEO should be part and parcel of any robust campaign. However, optimizing for search engines is a difficult activity to master, mainly because trends change so often. Let’s take a look at some of the major SEO trends happening right now and how they will impact your brand marketing campaign.

Content displayed directly in SERPs

Until recently, the online search process involved typing your keywords, looking at search results until you found something you were interested in, clicking on that result and going to someone’s website to find out more. Now, an interesting shift is happening. For some searches, instead of forcing the user to click on a website to find out the answer, Google displays the answer directly in the search results. With this in place, it’s becoming harder and harder to drive users to your website without providing content that’s actually informative, relevant and well-structured.  With that in mind, make sure that your marketing campaign focuses on quality of content, not quantity.

Different search formats

Over the years, the way in which we interact with search engines has changed. Not long ago, people would use simple keywords in their search query. Now, search phrases are more elaborate, resembling natural speech. This is also thanks to the advent of intelligent personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Now. With the increase in search formats, you have to know your audience, discover their search habits and create an optimization strategy based on how they act online.

Non-monetizable searches

Not all searches end with a purchase and not everyone who stumbles across your website will become a paying client immediately. Although they won’t take the bait immediately, you can develop a relationship with the user, build trust with useful content and they’ll eventually convert. When developing your brand marketing campaign, analyze all your options to determine how non-monetizable searches will impact you.

Paid ads are still popular

Pay-per-click ads, or PPC, are often considered a direct competitor of an organic SEO strategy, but they don’t have to be. Instead, you can use pay-per-click advertising as a way of boosting your organic search results even more. Try not to resort to paid ads as a “quick fix” and do not treat them as an alternative to sustained organic search strategies.

The rise of SEO as a long-term branding tool

When paying for a service such as SEO, it can be very tempting to look for immediate results and draw conclusions after the first two or three months. However, quality SEO is not a short-term solution. If you include SEO in your marketing strategy, you have to think not in months, but years down the road.

Valuable, informative, engaging content is more important than ever

Many things have changed in SEO since Google was founded. Trends have come and gone, and practices that were once effective are now considered “black hat”. However, one thing has remained vital: high quality, engaging web content. Whether you’re developing high-quality landing pages, social media posts or blog articles, as long as you provide content that educates users in an intuitive way, you are already on the right track.

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