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How to Optimize Your Ebook For Amazon’s Search Engine

As every company or online business will tell you today, search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the most essential practices of online marketing. SEO is the utilization of implementing high volume searched keywords within produced content to cater to search engine algorithms that will help your content increase its search engine page ranking performance.
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But SEO can apply to more than merely Google searches. It’s also become one of the easiest ways to spread more awareness for your latest Ebook on Amazon. If you’re consistently self-publishing Ebooks, understanding all the ways you can optimize Amazon’s algorithms and resources will help you reach the audiences you’ve always strived for. Take a look at these helpful Ebook copywriting tips for optimizing Amazon’s search engine: 

Know Your Keywords  

When it comes to Amazon SEO, it’s essentially the same process as Google SEO in the sense of effectively utilizing keywords and tags to increase overall search engine performance. Implementing quality keywords into your Ebook’s description or even title are the little things that will make a big difference.

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When brainstorming effective keywords, think about what someone would have to type into the search bar in order to find your book. Let’s say your Ebook is about early childhood parenting. Obviously words or phrases such as “early childhood”, “parenting”, and “childhood parenting” are essential to include in your description, but there are so many more keyword examples to take into account. The best part of brainstorming keywords for your Ebook is that Amazon can essentially do it for you. Type in “early childhood” into the Amazon search bar, and you’ll see a dozen similar phrases or related searches that pertain to your inquiry.

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Effective Keyword Placement

As for knowing where to place your keywords, there are essentially two primary locations to keep in mind. The first is always in your Ebook’s title, subtitle, and scattered throughout the description. However, this doesn’t mean you should overload your Ebook subtitles or descriptions with keywords, otherwise known as “keyword stuffing”. Like Google, Amazon’s algorithms scan descriptions for any indications of overusing keywords and won’t register with Ebook entries that do cram in keywords. As a rule of thumb, specific keywords should never show up more than five times per 100 words, and try to space them out as evenly as possible. 

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The other area on Amazon where you can take advantage of keywords is by filling out the backend search fields sections while you’re uploading your Ebook to Amazon. This is where you can go all out and include as many relevant keywords as you want. The backend search fields allow you to enter both applicable search terms and platinum keywords, which allow you to type in extremely specific words or phrases that will immediately showcase your Ebook upon such a search. Finally, some other keyword tips to keep in mind are as follows: 

  • Don’t distinguish between singular and plural nouns 
  • Upper and lower case does not matter 
  • Punctuation should be avoided 
  • Use hyphens instead of repeating keywords

Category Specification  

amazon logoOther than keywords, knowing the ways categorizing your Ebook copywriting can increase Amazon SEO will also give your content marketing the boost it needs. Obviously, there are infinite amounts of fiction and nonfiction, so you’ll need to get increasingly more specific when it comes to labeling your Ebook’s category.

Finding an obscure genre that’s still relevant to your Ebook’s topic is the key to optimizing your category. For example, if you’re self-publishing a romantic western, think of all the variables that pertain to both “romance” and “western”, such as “cowboy love story”, “historical romance”, or “wild west romance novel”. This is a chance for you to get creative when defining your work, while still being a crucial step to optimizing your Ebook’s performance with Amazon’s search engines.

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