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6 Ways to Make Your Copywriting Portfolio Stand Out

The world of copywriters is a league of online wordsmiths that furiously pound their keyboards in efforts to deliver their copywriting services on a wide variety of topics to an even broader diversity of clients. It’s an extremely competitive occupation that hosts writers of all forms of employment, be it via top advertising agencies in the country, to freelance scribers who display their SEO copywriting talents from the comforts of their couch. But as the needs and demands of copywriters become more fierce, emphasizing your skills to the fullest to stand out amidst the sea of other aspiring professionals in the field is now a top priority for copywriters to succeed and thrive in the business.

The biggest way one can do this is by delivering companies with an exceptional copywriting portfolio that clearly demonstrates how and why you’re the right person for the job. Take a look at these six ways you can make your copywriting portfolio stand out and get you started doing what you do best in no time:

Simple, Yet Elegant

simple, elegant copywriter portfolio example

This copywriter’s portfolio clearly states its intentions up front.

Gone are the days where a run-of-the-mill resume, complete with the bullet points of information highlighting your achievements and skills, will blow any employer’s socks off, let alone get your foot in the door. The first thing hiring companies will be looking for in a copywriting applicant is creativity, and the easiest way to demonstrate your inner imagination is through your portfolio. Creating your own domain page has never been easier, with the help of website builders such as Squarespace or Cargo Collective. Use these resources to design a website layout that’s easy to navigate around to click on your writing samples or bio, but also features a sophisticated aesthetic that’s unique in style. Don’t overdo it with infinite tabs, as the more clicks an employer has to perform, the higher amount of their time you’re taking up. Your highlighted copywriting samples of your choosing should be the first thing an employer sees when visiting your page, and if they’re intrigued enough, they’ll click on for further analyzation.

Only the Best

When mulling over which samples of your work you should use for your copywriting portfolio, never settle for anything less than your best. All it takes to be passed upon by an employer is for them to read one weaker piece you’ve chosen to showcase that fails to demonstrate the creative ways you approach copywriting. Your stronger pieces may include everything from showing off specific knowledge pertaining to the client you wrote for, such as an extremely in-depth whitepaper or report. They can also display your ability to latch onto a variety of tones, as well as any pieces you wrote that were paired with visually striking artwork. A good rule of thumb to take into account is to only choose the pieces you’re not only most proud of but would be impressed by if you were someone else reading it for the first time.

Showcase Writing Diversity

SEO copywriting constantly requires writers to spread their talents out to accommodate some of the most specific products or companies imaginable. Whether you’ve written whitepapers on medical equipment or maintained a home and gardening blog, showcasing your writing diversity is a good way to let an employer know that whatever they throw at you, you’ll be ready to take it on. This doesn’t solely include to topics. Be sure to highlight all the different styles you’re capable of writing, be it press releases, ebooks, on-site copy, etc.

DIY Capability

If you’re relatively new in the field of copywriting or have only begun to start out in a freelance position, you don’t have to be self-conscious about the lack of published work you have. Instead of fretting over any possible lack of experience, just write whatever it is you feel is absent in your portfolio. Create a blog for a fictional business, or draft a fake press release for a company you’re applying to. The more initiative you show that you’re ready to work, the more credibility you’ll add to a beginner’s portfolio.

Content Speaks for Itself

While it’s never a bad idea to include rationales regarding the explanation for any particular samples in your portfolio, overdoing them is only a turnoff in the eyes of employers. Try to keep any accompanying write-ups with your writing samples at a maximum of 100 words, and only include specific details, such as what style the company in question demanded or how a piece demonstrates effective SEO skills. Remember, your selected content should be the one doing most the talking.

Keep Portfolios Updated

One of the bigger details employers look out for are any notable gaps in activity in your portfolio. You should constantly be updating your copywriting portfolio to come across as active and consistent, two qualities that complete the trifecta of what companies look for, along with creativity. Even if it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten any work published, at least update the layout of your online portfolio, or upload any new copywriting content you’ve been working on your own.      

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