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7 Ideas For a Stand-Out Music Studio Website Design

Managing and operating a music studio can be an utter whirlwind of an enterprise. Unlike your typical business model of providing customers with a specific product or service, recording studio owners face an overwhelming variety of occupational obstacles. Aside from fierce competition and implementing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, a successful recording studio has to balance professionalism with individualism, for both employees and clients alike.
Johnny Cash sitting behind mixing board at Sun Studios
This means establishing a recording studio aesthetic that blends a unique identity, environment, and sound, along with having the flexibility to adhere to a band or artist’s vision, without sacrificing the studio’s own sonic style and intuition. 

diaphragm microphone for recording musicThe same can be said for a music studio’s website design, which more often than not will make or break a studio’s ability to attract new clients.

As the number of active recording studios in the U.S. decreased by over 15 percent from 2007 to 2016, it has become more apparent that recording studios need to adapt to relevant and efficient digital marketing strategies in order to succeed. While reputation and body-of-work may still get many Minneapolis recording studios by, the reality is that younger generations of bands and artists primarily use Google to figure out where to record their latest straight-to-Soundcloud masterpiece. 

Much of what makes for a stand-out music studio website are incorporating the little things that set a recording studio apart from the rest of the pack. This means going above and beyond merely rattling off your esteemed pieces of recording equipment and amplifier selection to digitally demonstrate what makes your recording studio unique and innovative.

To gain a better perspective on what an original and inventive recording studio website should look like, let’s examine seven examples of stand-out music studio website design that can set the precedent for an engaging and intricate recording studio website aesthetic. 

1) Superb Simplicity 

‘Simple’ can easily be misconstrued as a negative term when it comes to website design. However, when demonstrated correctly and elegantly, simplicity is a much preferable approach to laying out a website, specifically for a recording studio. Take the Minneapolis music studio and first example on our list, Hideaway Studios.

Hideaway Studios Minneapolis Website

Within thirty seconds of visiting their home page, we see an image of their recording booth, we know their location and backstory, we can listen to a revolving gallery of recently recorded projects, and we can connect and follow their social media channels. It’s a bread and butter formula that provides visitors with accessible and essential information, while still not coming across as boring or contrived. Nothing feels or looks cramped, and as a result, the visitor is eager to click on other menu tabs to find out more about the studio. 

2) Relevant Information & Branding 

Like many industries, recording studios were hit hard throughout the pandemic, and many of these businesses are dealing with constantly changing rules and regulations that impact their business. In a big city like Chicago where rules regarding COVID-19 policies are revised almost daily, it’s encouraging and informative to take a page from the playbook of Treehouse Records Recording Studio.

Treehouse Records Chicago Website Announcement

Once you enter their homepage, a stylish pop-up takes the screen to inform visitors of their rules and guidelines of recording during the pandemic, as well as offering an opportunity for people to support their business amidst these tough times. Treehouse Records also demonstrates creative out-of-the-box branding by showcasing their teaming up with a local brewery to present their own signature beer, a great way to maintain relevance during turbulent times, as well as potentially engage with new clients.

Treehouse Records and Brewery Partnership

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3) Bottomless Content 

Generally speaking, people are more prone to scroll online than they are to click. Whether it’s an attempt to exert less physical energy or not, it’s still a good idea to limit the amount of clicking for visitors to your recording studio website. Portland recording studio The Rye Room has all about eliminated the need for clicking, with their infinite scrolling approach to their website.

The Rye Room Recording Studio Website Example

All it takes is several flicks of the thumb to absorb essential information, video content, and sophisticated photography that informs the reader on everything they need to know, without the hassle of going to several different pages. This is an excellent method to consider for mobile users, which accounts for over 50 percent of all online traffic. 

4) Strut Your Stuff 

For most sound engineers, the work should speak for itself when it comes to determining quality. So why not get the best of both worlds by having a sleek and stylish website that showcases all the incredible music that’s been recorded, mixed, and mastered there? That’s exactly what Portland-based sound engineering music studio Artifact Industries achieves.

Artifact Industries Recording Studio Website Example

An easy-to-use embedded playlist of songs recorded and mixed by them is one of the first things you see on their homepage. Once you’ve listened to their tunes, the next thing you scroll down to see are their services and rates, elegantly outlined and prompting the reader to request a quote. 

5) Show, Don’t Tell 

Perhaps the toughest sell for recording studios to exhibit to potential clients is what the experience of recording in their studio is actually like. This is where elaborate video and visual design can emphasize what someone will truly feel like when they utilize your services. Spain-based Palma Music Studios does a great job at visually recreating the experience of recording music at their space.

Palma Music Studios Website

They have a professionally-shot video header that automatically plays when you scroll over it, as well as an interactive 3D visual walkthrough feature that brilliantly displays the entire layout of the studio. Showing what a band or artist could experience rather than telling them is what separates a good music studio website from a great one. 

6) Blog All About It 

A music studio website has more potential than just being great at informing and showing how fantastic their recording studio is. It has the opportunity to inform audiences about the art of music recording in general, as well as educating musicians on what an accomplished example of mixing and mastering is supposed to achieve. Minneapolis music studio F5 Soundhouse aims for their website to inform as well as inspire, by incorporating a blog.

F5 Soundhouse Minneapolis Website Design

This is not only a way to establish credibility for your studio, but can also organically draw online traffic into your website, with SEO-focused topics that millions of musicians around the world are constantly searching about.  

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7) Compel Your Audience 

Investing time, money, and energy into recording at a music studio can be a grandiose expenditure for many artists and musicians. Sometimes all it takes to line up a new customer is giving them the encouraging virtual nudge they need to pull the trigger and book a session. Chicago-based recording studio Gravity Studios does an excellent job of providing a number of accessible Call-To-Action buttons scattered throughout their website.

Gravity Studios Website Example

A single click of their perfectly placed and spaced CTA buttons links the website visitor with a simple contact form to fill out, making it extremely easy for anyone to book a recording session or reach out with any questions. 

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