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The Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The state of online marketing is as cutthroat as ever, as every website and company in the world continues to strive to find their way on the coveted first page of a Google search. To achieve superior visibility amongst search engines, companies need to embrace and perfect the marketing art of what’s commonly referred to as search engine optimization.

SEO is a branch of marketing that solely focuses on organically boosting search engine rankings, in an effort to drive more traffic back to a website. It’s become one of the more vital necessities of marketing, and without advice or services from a trained SEO consultant, your company could be missing out on thousands of potential clicks from customers unaware of your site.

SEO is a term that’s certainly been thrown around a lot in recent years, but still might seem like a mystery to many business owners still trying to branch out virtually. If boosting web traffic and increasing awareness of your website sounds like a solid idea to you, take a look at this beginner’s guide  to successful search engine marketing tips:

SEO-Friendly Website Development

Every second, millions of search engine inquiries are typed in and processed through Google, Yahoo, or whatever search engine tickles your fancy. So what determines which websites pop up as the most popular results? That’s where SEO comes into play. There are many factors that play into how you can utilize SEO to increase your website’s search engine awareness, but the first detail you need to ensure is that you have an attractive SEO website design. Your website’s performance and structure are the first details a search engine takes into account when evaluating your potential search engine ranking. An efficient website developer should be able to assist you in creating the following site characteristics that will aid you enhance your SEO performance:

  • Simple navigational layout (search bars, appearance, etc.)
  • Comprehensible URLs
  • Popular title tags
  • Fast loading speed
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Internal embeds and links
  • Accurate meta titles and content descriptions

These are just a few of the specific website details that Google takes into account when evaluating whether your site is worthy of being included in its page rankings.

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Establish Your Keywords

Once your website is developed and running efficiently, the biggest element of efficient SEO comes down to the content of your site. Using effective keywords are the first step toward how your content will potentially increase your search engine presence. Keywords are the primary words or phrases that people type into a search engine bar. For example, if your company sells dog toys, popular keywords that pertain to your business would be “dog toys”, “cheap dog toys”, “pet toys”, etc. If you’re working with a search engine optimization company or consultant, establishing effective keywords will be one of the first tasks they’ll take care for you. Otherwise, you can find multiple online services that rank the search engine popularity of any keywords you’re thinking of implementing into your content.

Unfortunately, it does take a little more work than plugging in words and phrases that pertain to your product all over your website to enhance your search engine marketing. The first factor you need to take into account when evaluating keywords is the search volume of a keyword. Obviously, the more people who are Googling your proposed keywords, the more potential you have to gain more traffic. However, you never want to be too broad or vague with your keywords. Get down to specifics, as something as little as “email marketing software” is more precise than “email software”, and will stand out more amidst the sea of websites using “email software” as a keyword. If you’re planning to buy SEO services, nailing the specifics of detailed keywords will be one of the biggest advantages provided to you through smart SEO copywriting.

Comprehensive Content

When your website’s looking flawless and your keywords are locked, loaded, and ready to go, the rest of your SEO capability rests on your complete and thorough your content is. Gone are the days where websites can get by on product catalogs and clean copy alone to generate any traffic. In this day and age of marketing, the more content the merrier is the standard approach any search engine marketing company will suggest to you.

Search engines will do what’s referred to as “crawl” through your website, or essentially scan it, to evaluate what it is your website is all about, as well as determine which keywords you’re using that will pop up during search engine inquiries. Your website’s content can be a double edged sword in the grand scheme of things, as you need to tailor your writing toward search engine bots with a clearness and consistency, while not coming off as too boring or straightforward that will turn users away.

The three essential types of content every website should utilize are images, videos, and written content that don’t pertain to product descriptions or any company information, such as a blog. Linking to videos, embedding keywords and titles into images, and efficiently inserting keywords into blog articles are what will help expand your reach to virtual audiences, and increase your visibility on search engine rankings. It’s all part of a comprehensive approach using SEO copywriting strategy.

Maintaining a Website Blog

As noted earlier, maintaining an active blog page for your website not only will work toward expanding your search engine presence, but also gives you the power to create content that’s informative, but also links to any products or pages you’re trying to market. An article titled, “5 Newest Summer Restaurant Specials” can serve as a useful source of information for customers, along with allowing them to click any highlighted links leading them to your latest happy hour offerings. Blog stories and videos are also extremely resourceful for social media sharing, another quick and easy way to reach consumers you never would have otherwise. Whenever you create another insightful slice of content, be sure to share it to your Facebook and Twitter followers.

While these are all important factors to implementing effective SEO practices, keep in mind that these examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the search engine optimization tips out there that will work to your website’s advantage. To understand all the ways you can make the most out of search engine marketing, reach out to an SEO consultant today and get your site into the right hands.


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